Friday – Texas All British Car Show

Yeah you read that right. Round Rock, will be hosting the biggest British car show on Friday and we’re going. Well as you know we are all about motors and of course we who live in Texas wouldn’t want to miss the upcoming British car show. I might not be a super-fan of the Brits nor their cars but they do have a few with some power underneath the hood.

But it ain’t going to be any American muscles there, except us in person and of course we do not drive. Instead of a roaring bear we’ll be hearing a meowing cat like sound, but the cars are most often very nice and well preserved which makes for a nice day in the sun (hopefully). Might even go with wearing this bad boy that I picked up last week. I will definitely be pulling this cat shirt off, especially when I’m riding my custom Harley. Might even consider taking both of them with me on Friday when we head out.
So there won’t be much more to this at the moment but I heard some of the more frantic collectors of British cars will be there so I think for everyone who will be joining us there, we’ll be in for a treat.


For those of you britts who grew up with these types of cars I think nostalgia will kick in pretty hard.



These are some of the cars we can expect to see at the TXABCD on Friday:

Triumph, MG and some mini’s will definitely be available and hopefully some of the more exotic cars like limited edition Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley and Morgan and probably a few rolls.
Rolls might not be too much of a big deal if you were living in Monaco where they’ll roam all corners in town. But here in the U.S this is a big deal due to the fact not many has been sold nor imported to American soil and there is definitely not many old rolls in mint condition left.


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