The fat boy electric scooter – Cool toy for adults

Have you hidden under a rock last year? If so you might not know much about the new trends in electrical transportation tools like the electric scooter, segway, hoverboards and so on. Since last summer this market has been exploding, literally exploding due to the hoverboards but not only in exact terms. This market is expanding quickly and it’s nothing we’ve missed here at Motormallard.

When Segways started to surface a few years back I have to acknowledge that I was pretty tempted in buying one, but the prices made me back down pretty fast. 8 grand for a cheaper model wasn’t something I felt like investing. However, at almost every single car show we go to these days. There are people riding around on hoverboards and electric scooters. Lazy one can think, but it’s actually a really good way to get around the shows with ease and there is actually one that has caught my eyes lately.

An electric scooter that reflects the man riding it

As some of you might already know I’m not the smallest guy in town, nor am I the biggest either but somewhere in the middle according to American standards. If you’re from another country you’d probably call me fat but that’s where this new toy comes into play. It even explains me as a rider: “Fat Boy Electric Scooter”. A newly designed electric scooter so that even us big boys can come out to play. This will ease the pressure on my sore feet after 3 days of walking around car-shows. I’ve read a few news articles over at Daily-mail and read some reviews on the latest and greatest of electric scooters.

Just look at the specifics below.

  • Weight: 28kg
  • Capacity: 125kg
  • Engine 250W/1000W hub motor
  • Performance: 48V/ 20Ah
  • Battery: Li-ion battery management system
  • Charging: 1-3 hours depending on the charger
  • Speed: up to 25km/15mph
  • Range: up to 35km/22 miles
  • ImpulseDrive: Range up to 55km/34miles

Car shows are a pain in the … feets

There are both small and big car shows and whilst the smaller ones are easy to walk through the bigger ones can be much more enjoyable if you have a good commute. Walking around a bigger show like Auto Show Austin can be really fun but every time we leave my feet are killing me. We always stay for the whole thing and since we show some of our own pride and joy we need to be there standing up and explaining our stories to the people. We also speak at some of these events and if you love big motorized vehicles as we do you know that time flies away as soon as you start talking about your passion for cars. A 30-minute speech can turn into a 90-minute seminar without you even thinking about it, but after a while: your feet and back will start giving you a heads up that you’ve spent too much time standing up. Therefore I think this new electric fat boy could be a really good investment for us on the bigger shows. I’ll probably use it pretty frequently at home too, I can already see myself riding to the store with one of these cool things. Will have to look for a little bit more before I buy an electric scooter. But the speed and distance seem to be the highest on this one and of course that is the most important part of the purchase.